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Hamilton Stud




•Framlingham Country Show

IP13 9EY  9th & 10th April

•Hertfordshire Country & Craft Show

Lee Valley, Waltham Cross, EN91DB

•Robin Hood Show

Brentwood Centre 1st &  2nd May

•Lloyd Park Country CR0 5RA

•Stradsett Country & Craft Show

PE33 9HA 11th & 12th June

•Mill Hill Park Country & Craft Show

NW7 2BD 18th & 19th June

•Nonsuch Park Country Show

SM3 8AB 25th & 26th June

•Elvedon Country Show

IP24 3TJ 9th & 10th July

•St Albans Country Show

AL4 0RE 16th & 17th July

•The Enfield Town & Country Show

EN2 4LE 24th & 25th September

•The British Pet Show

South England Show Ground 8th & 9th October

•Trinity Park, Robin Hood Country Show

Ipswich 15th & 16th October


For a fun filled day for all the family!!!

The benefits of the Rocky Mountain Horse is the whole horse!


Hamilton stud are showing to equestrian enthusiasts the trainability and versatility of the Rocky Mountain Horse. Not only do the Americans favour this horse for all occasions, Cassey Morris is pushing it a bit further to the extreme by showing this breed has no limit to what it can do and how the breed can compete in European sporting events.


Many equestrian breed organisations and equestrian press are watching the performance Cassey is producing with her Rocky Mountain Horses and mainly with her Breed stallion Ultimatum. Visit the Ultimatum fan page here!

Ultimatum is the first ever BSJA affiliated rocky mountain stallion to ever compete in affiliated sports. With talents of jumping 5'3 with only basic training, Ultimatum is undergoing dressage training in preparation for his jumping season in 2015.


"He is proving to be quite and amazing performance horse for a true American heritage gaited horse, many American sport horses have European influences from warmblood and sport horse stud books. Ultimatum is an all American horse with no European stud book influences to aid the production of a competition sport horse." says producer Cassey Morris.


Some of the main benefits to this breed are:

STAMINA that is incredible.

WILLING ATTITUDE WITH BOLD CONFIDENCE this breed is willing to perform any task that is clearly requested by the rider/owner







Please read our breeders comments on Ask The Breeder




* Ride long distances more comfortably than in the trot

without the need to post.

* Faster than the traditional trot.

* No need to worry about being on 'the right leg' when

travelling at canter speeds whether jumping or turning.

* You can still do all the traditional gaits for dressage.






Life Expectancy


* Good nature & affinity; Docile & willing; spirited but gentle; intelligent & tractable; generally biddable but lively; strives to please.

* Originally bred for multi-purpose riding, they can be used for the following disciplines;

* Dressage; Endurance Riding; General Riding; Racing; Work; Polo; Le Trec; Trick Riding; Tandam Dressage; Pole Bending; Barrel Racing.

* They are intelligent and docile enough to perform numerous tricks such as;

* Sitting; Lying down; Bowing; Rolling over on instruction; Spanish walk; Spins; Sliding stops are more demanding instructions but are not a problem to this breed.

* 37 years